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What We Do

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Continuous Improvement is a higher quality servicing level of construction work services nowadays; we suppose that become a very serious challenge to have to be faced.

To face that challenge, beside training programs, is very important thing in our program is preparing all equipments and other facilities that used in construction works and company’s management system improvement.

Based on mentioned above PT. TORINI JAYA ABADI take a decision that to have a competitive chance in case of high quality construction servicing capability in the future will be reasonable to be achieved.

As a contactor company, which established in construction services, we always think of owner’s needs, especially in many aspect that perhaps it maybe supporting a project execution to be successfully, because it based on many of our experienced conclusion, that:

Basic to good Project execution is, the right consideration to Safety procedure and time schedule accuracy, and also the right cost usage, in order to reach a higher of work quality.

We realize and believe that, the above case only can happened just by an existence of Professional Company supported by professional employees and also by a complete equipments and that we always to develop and establish our own capability and right now we have Ready for competition to any other big contactor companies else IN GOOD AND RIGHT WAYS.

PT. TORINI JAYA ABADI has experience in execution works as follows;

-    Electrical works; Engineering, Cable Installation, Wiring PDP Panel and control Panel, Cable guide and Cable tray Installation, Pipe Conduit, Electro Motor Overhaul, CCTV Installation, Fiber Optic Installation.

-    Instrument Works; Engineering, Control Cable Installation, Control Panel wiring and assembling, Transmitter Installation and servicing, Control Valve Overhaul and all works in automation works such as, PLC Basic design and Programming such as Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi.

-    Mechanical Works, Installation, Servicing, and Fabrication

-    Piping Works; Engineering, Fabrication and Installation,

-    Civil Works; Cut and Fill, High risk Building

-    Painting Works; Painting and Sandblasting

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